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About Brittany

It begins for some as a lifelong dream, a clear vision early on that guides them to their desired path. For others, it takes time for that vision to come into view. Only after years of developing a specific skillset and experiencing other career fields, did that desired path become clear to me.


I started my career path as an educator. For ten years, I inspired so many young life-long learners and made lasting influences in their lives. However, 

it wasn’t until after planning and coordinating weddings and events for several friends and family members, that I truly realized the career path I was destined to take. Fortunately, my organizational skills, ability to multi-task, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills that I refined as an educator would pertain to being a great event coordinator.


The last several years, I’ve worked for a large catering company as their primary event coordinator and venue supervisor. This has provided me with the expertise to stay calm under pressure, communicate effectively, and most importantly listening to my clients.  With more than 180 successfully executed weddings over the past 6 years. I was once again faced with yet another life-changing decision. Do I continue working for a catering company just because it’s comfortable? Or am I ready to spread my wings and venture out on my own? Thus, BKcoordinate was created.


It may have taken me a bit longer to reach my career destination, but I’ve enjoyed all the relationships and experiences I’ve built along the way. I would be honored to help you write the beginning of your next chapter together.


It's all about the small details

Making sure every vision for your special day happens. And if the entire wedding party wants to thank you, then you enjoy it with them.

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